This conversion is based upon our manufactured version which we developed over 7yrs, the design has been adopted for the home handyman to construct from a used gas powered garden tractor, some of the parts will have to be purchased from the manufacturers but others may be obtainable locally or used parts from floor sweepers or golf carts may be available on Ebay there is a small amount of metalwork and basic welding but this could be done by your local welding shop if desired, This conversion project will produce an electric lawn tractor that may well last you the rest of your life, with no shock loads and almost no vibration to shake it to pieces like the gas engine version, NO:- gas, oil, filters, tune-ups, starting problems belts, pulleys, clutch, gears to change or brakes to apply, easy and safe to operate, everything is automatic even if you fall off the tractor on a hill the cutter blades stop in about 3 seconds the drive motor stops and the parking brake is automatically applied, when setting off on a grade there is no rollback because the parking brake is released within about 0.1 of a second before power is applied to the drive motor, the conversion is very reliable and almost maintenance free, this is a most rewarding project that you will enjoy using in winter and summer alike, you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

  • Item #: 40-2 07/13/2017 ETC manual

Electric Tractor Conversion Manual #40-2 07/13/2017

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