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item#40-2 01/25/2017 ETC manual  The electric lawn tractor conversion manual is a new product download, it is based upon our proven manufacturing design which we developed 15yrs ago, see the videos on our Home page,

This manual contains detailed step by step instructions, supplier list, drawings and over 300 indexed pictures to enable the average handyman to convert a used gas powered lawn tractor to an electric powered lawn tractor,

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The 40-2 01/25/2017 ETC manual plans are on sale for a limited time at 55% off our regular price of $99.00      SALE PRICE $44.99


Electric Tractor Conversion Manual #40-2 07/13/2017

 Manual contains instructions, suppliers, drawings and over 70 pictures, pay via paypal/CC no acc req, download link is sent to your email 

  • Price: $99.99
  • Sale Price: $44.99

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